Erica Hawley CAMTRI 2018.JPG

Erica Hawley competed in the Tizsaujavaros World Cup (Sprint distance) race on the 7th July which was an eliminator series style race.

Full results at :

Here is Erica’s report :

I competed in semi-final 1 (of 3) which had around 20 women in the field. The top 10 would then go on to compete in the final which was the next day.

The swim was 3 laps of 250m and the first buoy was only 100m from the start. It was one of the most brutal swims i’ve ever had and many people were given penalties for swim behavior. It eventually began to string out on the swim and I got out the water in 10:00 minutes. I was just off the pace of the second pack (5 seconds behind the girl in front of me) and was stuck in no mans land for the first part of the bike. Eventaully a group of 3 girls caught up but there was already a significant gap from the leaders. We worked relatively well together but we were no match for the top 11 and we came off the bike almost 2 mins behind. Even though, i managed to run a PR off the bike and clocked 17:41. I felt amazing on the run and this was such a great feeling after working hard on the bike. Although i didnt make the final i am really proud of the results this past weekend; and there were many positives to take away from racing this kinda of format. It was also intersting to compare my race and the times to other heats and it is almost luck of the draw for the people that are in your heat and dictate the race.

It was a crazy day the next day for the finals – for both the men and women. My teammate was involved in a crash of around 10 girls and fractured her radius so i was at the hospital with her for 6+ hours, and then they had to cancel the mens race mid-bike due to hail and a thunderstorm. I was almost fortunate that i didn’t qualify as the races didn’t play out how anyone expected.

Always exciting to race again and it was different competing in the European circuit which keeps me on my toes.

Back to Girona for another week before heading to Atlantic City to compete in the Major League Triathlon series.

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