Hasselkus family Magog 2018

Trimemphre Magog / Canada race report July 14, 2018 – THANKS DIRK HASSELKUSS FOR THIS REPORT

This year it was only “Team Hasselkuss” from Bermuda traveling to Magog. Organization of the trip from sign up for the event to travel arrangements to hotel bookings etc. is routine in the meantime and execution went like clockwork.

We arrived late evening on Thursday, had a great night sleep and all day to prep (bike rental pick-up, registration, course familiarization including swim etc.) on Friday in the most beautiful and perfect weather conditions for our events the next day.

Come race morning and Zoe’s 7:05 am start the weather had turned to the worse with chilly winds causing quite some chop on the lake and a few light showers. This year Zoe – currently 13 – has moved up to the 15 and under age group and as a December girl she was amongst the youngest of the 52 girls, feeling a bit intimidated by the girls that looked so much taller, bigger and fitter than her. Zoe did not really enjoy the chop on the lake which made sighting a challenge and swimming some of the 500m through seaweed didn’t add to her fun. Nonetheless she exited the water in respectable 26th position and finished 21st overall after a solid 10k bike ride and 2.5k run. Onwards and upwards from here, we have work cut out for us if we want to be competitive in a bigger gene pool!

Similar to Zoe, Jasmin – turning 12 in December – started as one of the youngest for the first time in the 13 and under age group. Exiting the water after a 375m swim in 16th position, her 9th fastest bike over 10k and 5th fastest 2.5k run secured Jasmin a very respectable 7th place overall in the 40 finishers strong new age group.

After the girls had finished their race I got my workout in the Sprint Distance event in for which I only entered by late registration. My performance certainly did not do the title of the race any justice and I spare you further details. 🙂

All in all it ended up again a great and fun trip to Magog to a superbly organized and executed Trimemphre Triathlon festival. The girls and I had fun in our events, faced challenges and are very content with the results. In our off time we had a chance to go shopping and eat lots of pasta, pizza and….ice-cream in our favourite restaurants. We missed the rest of the usual Bermuda athlete and fan crowd though.

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