Adsy Gordon Camp well underway

AGordon camp 2018 i.jpeg
Adsy Gordon ( far right of group) with some of the 2018 camp participants this week. Dianna White is 4th from the right.

Australian inspirational triathlon and fitness coach and professional triathlete, Adsy Gordon has been once again conducting a triathlon camp in Bermuda this week.

AGordon Camp 2018 iv.jpegAdsy has kept up a busy schedule not only working with the camp participants with daily training sessions and advise but also working with the Tri Hedz junior programme and individual athletes who he coaches year round.

Dianna White who is attending the camp had this to say :

Awesome kick off to Adsy’s camp, he’s bringing wicked enthusiasm and great all around tips .. technique, nutrition, and heaps of team spirit! Looking forward to tomorrow’s hill repeats because who doesn’t love those;) Look out for the crew next Sunday at Tokio ,we’ll be somewhere between wrecked and lightning fast.. most importantly busting laughs and getting a sassy new level of wiggle on⚡️.

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