Interested in becoming an ITU Technical Official Level 1 ?

Technical course
This picture is from the level 2 education manual.

ITU Level 1 Technical Officials Course

The Bermuda Triathlon Association is trying to to gauge the viability of putting on another ITU level 1 technical officials course.
If you are interested in becoming a qualified ITU technical official and subsequently to officiate at the 2019 WTS events in Bermuda , age group and elite races, please contact Patty Petty (  or Alec Shepherd (

Having a sufficient number of  Technical Officials (TO’s) is crucial to the Bermuda event and the BTA would like to have a good number of Bermuda-based TO’s to supplement those they need to bring in from overseas. Bermuda currently has 16 qualified TO but would like some more. It is a role with responsibility but good fun and as a TO you are intimately involved in world-class triathlon racing.

With Bermuda staging events in 2020 and then the Grand Final in 2021 there will be several opportunities to officiate at ITU events and the Grand Final will require many more than Bermuda has now.

Once qualified, TO’s can volunteer to officiate at ITU events around the world, some like Patty Petty going on to Commonwealth and Olympic glory!
No dates have been set at this time and approval would still be pending dependent on numbers.

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