As already reported, a group of Bermuda’s finest, competed in the Arizona Ironman Triathlon 2019 with mixed results and fortunes. At the time of reporting not all of Bermuda’s triathletes had finished. Here is an update.

Wenda Roberts

The saddest story coming out of the race was that Wenda Roberts suffered a pulmonary edema on the swim and was taken to hospital but I am advised that she was released before the end of the day and is making a full recovery ; stay well Wanda.



Louise Wells and Geoff Smith Costa Rica 2018
Louise Wells and Geoff Smith (file photo)

Geoff Smith suffered a recurring calf injury on the run and had to pull out at mile 2 after being well placed in 8th going into the marathon.

Chris Eaton finished the race but was sick on the bike.

FULL RESULTS ( for splits go to ).

Marie-Lyne Dore BM 10:27:59 147 OVERALL
Louise Wells BM 10:33:07 166
Christopher Eaton BM 12:08:11 592
Clifford Roberts BM 12:31:56 733
Graham Fowle BM 15:46:15 2,037
Dianna Miranda White BM 00:00:00
Wenda Roberts BM 00:00:00
Geoff Smith BM 00:00:00

Dianna White has returned to her native Canada recently. Dianna only participated in the swim.

Also racing was another Bermuda resident Kevin Ronaldson. Kevin finished in 11:27:18  his first Ironman race and was 52nd in the 35-39 age group. He was shown as representing the UK.

Congrats to all of Bermuda’s competitors.

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